About Greta

The name Greta was inspired by the beautiful river Greta running through the Lake District town of Keswick where you can find our gallery.
Viewpoints Gallery showcases the work of my husband/photographer Pete Tasker. He lets me have a bit of space to display my jewellery!

I use beautiful natural and dyed freshwater pearls of various shapes, colours and sizes, along with other beads such as Swarovski Crystal mother of pearl and gemstones. I also use Sea Glass found on beaches in the North West and North East of England. These have been tumble polished to make a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery.

Clasps and fittings are either 14k gold filled, rose gold filled, gold vermeil or sterling silver.

14k Gold Filled – is usually hallmarked 14k 1/20, meaning 14 karat gold makes up at least 1/20th of the total weight. It is made by bonding gold to a base metal (often brass) and is much more durable than gold plated.

Rose Gold Filled - has a bonded layer of 14k gold alloyed with copper.

Sterling Silver - is usually hallmarked ‘925’ meaning it is 92.5% silver.

Gold Vermeil - is sterling silver with a 18k/24k gold plating of at least 1 micron often hallmarked '925'.

Freshwater Pearls - also known as cultivated pearls may be natural or dyed and come in many colours shapes and sizes. I mostly use baroque pearls nuggets and rice pearls and I try to source A+ grade beads with a good lustre.

Sea Glass - my sea glass is found on the beaches of North England and polished in a rock tumbler to enhance it.

I recommend storing Greta Jewellery in a soft bag inside a box or case, away from the atmosphere. It is advisable to avoid contact with soaps, perfumes, chemicals and make up.
To clean your Jewellery - wipe with a soft dry cloth and occasionally restore sterling silver by rubbing with a silver cloth.

All my Jewellery is presented in a smart grey card box with GRETA logo and foam interior - posted free to any UK address.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

New Card Boxes with Greta Logo


I now present all my jewellery in grey card boxes.....

Reopening the Gallery on Monday April 12th.


Reopening the gallery at last!

Pendant shapes.....


I'm working on some new pendants on gold filled chains or leather chokers.....maybe both!.

New Bracelets coming soon....


I'm working on some new bracelets in Spring colours ....... looking forward to warmer days.
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